music is personal

find music that is you

Queue is an app that works with your Spotify account to help you find the music that you want based on audio features like danceability, energy, mode, and more.

Why Queue?

We’ve all had those moments when a song starts to play and you can’t keep yourself from dancing, or perhaps it’s a moving score that inspires you to make life-changing improvements, or an old classic that fills your heart with warm memories. Queue helps you capture more of those moments by selecting the music that you need for your playlist. So queue the next song now, just hit that sign-up button to go to our app.

How Queue works

Our team of Data Scientist, Software Engineers, and Musicians have worked with Spotify to search their massive database of music. We have used complex algorithms to identify music that matches your preferences, your tastes, your mood. Using parameters such as danceability, energy, mode, key, pitch, tempo, timbre, and so much more, Queue searches through thousands of songs and their audio features to make sure the next song is you.